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Mezcal Margarita


Mezcal Margarita

With BONRAW Panela

What Kat says about BONRAW Panela:

“Gorgeous caramel notes with this one, perfect for using with old fashioned style cocktails with a whisky or rye and mezcal margaritas.  Truly brings out the flavours in the spirits. Additionally, for caramelising garnishes it works wonders. Went a little heavier with this and used a 2:1 ratio.

You will need

45ml mezcal

20ml lemon Juice

15ml panela sugar syrup

12.5ml apricot liqueur


  1. Shake + Fine Strain
  2. Coupe, No Garnish

What Kat says about Bonraw Silverbirch:

“Great replacement for the classic cane sugar usually used for simple syrup. 1:1 ratio worked really well, and it feels a little softer than the classic cane sugar syrup.”



About Kat Stanley-Whyte - Mixologist

Kat poured her first cocktail in a backpacker’s nightclub in Melbourne and on her return started working in bars to help pay her way through university.  Following stints at the Basement Bar (Scotland’s largest agave selection cocktail bar) and Signature Pubs where she curated drink menus for the group, she joined her friend and mixologist Sian Buchan to open Edinburgh’s latest late night, live music venue UnoMas with a focus on reinvented classics in March 2020. She’s gone onto win the U.K. slot for the Altos Tahona Society Global Finals in Mexico sometime this year and was the winner of Ocho Tequilas 2021 Take Me To Mexico competition.


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