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Travelling the world to visit producers reminds us of the
differences in every region, every farm, and our approach to
sourcing to highlight and honour these distinctions. We look
forward to doing this again soon and already feels too long.
It´s humbling to bewelcomed by producers with generosity and
hospitality; this is also something we try to honour and reflect,
in turn, to our customers.

BONRAW sugars are the culmination of years of
work from skilled producers and farmers. They are
the ones who take what mother nature has to offer
and turn it into delicious sources of sweet. They
are the ones who go the extra mile for quality, and
we believe are what makes the sugars stand out.

Their skills, expertise, and craftsmanship are the
difference and is like nothing you´ve ever tasted
before. The sugar will never get any better in
quality once it lands in our hands, after all. We rely
on the producers for that pristine sugar crumb.

Our farmers and producers grow and look after
their plantations and farms. They draw the sap
from the coconut blossom and cut the sugar cane
ready for crushing when it´s time, not before.
Every producer does something slightly different,
dependent on the plant or tree. They use
traditional methods that are centuries old; like the
panela that is passed from pan to pan by hand to
cool, whilst also adopting new technology that
supports their livelihoods that will lead to a
greater, cleaner and worthy end sugar.

Our producers live on 3 continents and growing.
We look forward to supporting more producers
from around the world. Showcasing their years of
culmination through the sources of sweet they
produce is our passion.
BONRAW skilled producers: The Panelero Farmers, Quimbaya, Colombia making Organic Panela.

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