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APRIL 2021


New consumer research conducted with our friends at FindOutNow (www.findoutnow.co.uk) has uncovered some seriously scary stats relating to our pearly whites this National Smile Month. Using a national representative sample of 1,017, the research investigated how the pandemic has affected the nation’s gnashers and also looked at how important teeth were when it came to being tuned on or off.  Interestingly, the research found that over 63% of Brits haven’t had a dentist appointment since the beginning of March 2020 with 36% saying they had missed or cancelled an appointment since the pandemic struck. With respondents also citing bad teeth as the biggest physical turn off in a prospective partner and the smile as the most important physical feature, we’re hoping this could be the nudge that gets other people switching to our Silverbirch natural sugar. 

An environmentally friendly natural sweetener that looks and tastes exactly like white sugar, BONRAW Silverbirch is beneficial to tooth enamel and is the first sugar brand to be accredited by Sugarwise - the international authority for sugar related health claims.

The key findings from the study include:

What is the biggest physical turn off from a prospective or current partner?

  • Overall, 29% of respondents said that bad teeth were the biggest physical turn off in a prospective partner. Weight was second with 26%. 
  • Females felt a little more strongly around teeth, recording 39% to the males 18%. 
  • Bad teeth were the least important in Wales with just 17% saying it was the biggest turn off.
  • Teeth seem to be more important to the 18-24 year-olds and 25-34 year-olds, with 39% and 37% respectively saying they were the biggest turn off. 

What is the most important physical feature you look for in a partner?

  • Overall, 36% of the UK respondents said the smile was the most important feature. Eyes were the second choice with 17% and physique third with 13%. 
  • For females the smile received 41% of votes and for males it received 31%. 
  • In Scotland, the smile received 41% of the votes and in Wales 35%. 
  • Amongst the 65-plus, the smile received 44% of the votes.

Since lockdown at end of March 2020, how many times have you been to the dentist?

  • 63% of respondents haven’t been to the dentist
  • 69% in Wales haven’t been to the dentist
  • 59% in Scotland haven’t been to the dentist.
  • 65% of males and 60% of females haven’t been to the dentist.

Before COVID restrictions how often did you, on average, go to the dentist?

  • 40% of respondents went to the dentist between 2-4 times a year
  • 28% of respondents went to the dentist once a year

Did you miss or cancel a dentist appointment due to COVID restrictions in the last 12 months?

  • 36% of respondents said they had missed or cancelled an appointment
  • This was 31% male and 42% female.
  • 32% of Scots and 31% of the Welsh. 

About FindOutNow https://findoutnow.co.uk 

FindOutNow is a digital consumer insight platform delivering fast, high quality data. For this study GB adults were polled online on 21st - 22nd April 2021. The sample was chosen to be nationally representative by age, gender, region & social grade. For further information, or to request a poll or survey, contact them on ask@findoutnow.co.uk. FindOutNow is a member of the MRS and British Polling Council.

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